With outstanding performance in safety, economical fuel consumption, strength, durability and environment protection, KLAXON four-stroke diesel outboard motors have brought the advanced technology to you and hope you enjoy.


Good safety performance.
The use of higher ignition-point diesel fuel can avoid the risk of exploding caused by using the lower ignition-point gasoline fuel.Outstanding economical performance.
The use of the advanced four stroke vertical shaft and direct injection diesel engine can save large amount of expensive fuel, consequently saving large costs for you or your enterprise. The fuel consumption rate of 5HP, 10HP, 15HP diesel outboard motors separately are 1.1L / h, 1.5L / h, 2.2L / h, it is only 1/3 of two-stroke petrol outboard motors with same power, is only 1/2 of four-stroke petrol outboard motors with same power.The motors are especially built to do the heavy lifting with very less fuel usage . The 25hp can easily do the work of an 35hp petrol motor while using less than 1/5th of the fuel. The Diesel motors are low revving with large props and they can run 24hours/day, 7days a week. Suitable to propel Barges or Houseboats and the like. In all a good all around workhorse at a low cost with great economy.T he GHD-Series Diesel motors are high revving suitable for recreational use and where fast speed is required. For 4 to 6 meteres crafts with the added benefit of great economy.
Strong power performance.
With the more remarkable power performance and the stronger torque properties, the four stroke diesel engine is able to meet the demand of higher speed with heavy loads. As the diesel outboard motors has strong drive and good torque characteristics, the weight of 5HP, 7HP, 10HP diesel outboard motors is equal with the 8-9.8HP ,15-18HP ,25-30HP petrol outboard motors.Lasting and durable performance.
Though the full loaded sea test for 500 hours, it certify that the reliable and durable power with mature technology and the multi-layered anti corrosion methods can guarantee the reliable and long-lasting performance.Environment protection.
The advanced four-stroke diesel engine is not only very economical, but also environmental-friendly. Each four-stroke diesel outboard motor has met the requirements of stipulated emissions of the National Bureau of Environmental Protection, and has passed CE certification and EPA certification,

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Light-duty diesel outboard series adopt technologies such as diesel power, direct injection, aluminum alloy structure and multi-layout corrosion prevention, therefore have features of reliable performance, energy-saving, environmental-friendly and anti-corrosion. Diesel outboards have been granted the CE Certificates; they are mainly used in inland fishery and offshore activities such as fishing and oil exploration all over the world.




For a commercially used outboard motor a variety of aspects are of significance:

– low fuel consumption
– safety
– availability of fuel
– powerful drive
– high durability

These demands can only be met by a Diesel engine!
The following application-specific advantages are especially important:
– More Force
– More robust
– Less costs
– Greater safety: no fire risk
– More environmentally friendly