40hp Multi Fuel Outboard Motor

KLAXON RAIDER 40 HP Multi Fuel, Submersible Outboard Motor
Shaft Length:
in (mm): 20″ (508)
Colour: Tactical Black
Weight kg: 78
Fits through submarine hatch
.Engine Type: Inline 2-cylinder Two-stroke Low-pressure Direct Injection
Bore x Stroke in (mm): 68 x 64 mm (2.68 x 2.52 inches)
Displacement cu cc (in): 697 (42.5 cubic inches)
Full Throttle RPM Range: 5,150-5,850 RPM
Pull Start; Secondary start rope – no battery required
Submersible: 66 feet/18 hours; start within 5 pullsProp shaft HP 40 HP @ 5500 RPM
Full Throttle Operating Range 5500-6000 RPM
Gear Ratio 1.85:1
Custom transit mount; lightweight special feature designed for beaching
Cowling: Composite one piece, human factor designed
Alternator: 12V 280W 23A
Cooling System: Water Cooled thermostatically controlled
Steering Tiller foldable with cowling
Gear Shift: Neutral, forward, reverse
Salt water designed
Propeller: 3 Blade/can be changed for less performance
Air Droppable, human factor handles for carrying/dropping
Warranty 1 Year parts and labor
Source Fuels JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, Jet-A, Jet-B, Kerosene,  Gasolene or Diesel – can be mixed,

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