Between the Diesel Outboard Motors and Gasoline Outboards

Comparison of Ongoing Costs

Due to the extraordinary performance and effective horse power that Diesel Outboard Engine can achieve in any water environment, they are commonly used in fishing boats ranging from 4-5 metres. For our products, model 5 (a 5HP/ 4 stroke Diesel Outboard Engine) is normally used to take place of the 8-9.8HP/ 2 stroke gasoline outboard and model FHD_7 (a 7HP/ 4 stroke Diesel Outboard Engine) is, in the other hand, taking place of the 15-18HP/ 2 stroke gasoline outboard engine installed in boats.

Strengths of Diesel Outboards:


1. Safety

Since the ignition point of gasoline is lower than that of diesel engine, which means a higher possibility to cause fire danger due to soaring temperature of the engine when it works in a longer period of time. This is what ocean fishing should pay special attention to as of their long working time duration. In such case, diesel outboard engine is obviously a better option than gasoline outboard engine.

2. Energy and Costs Friendly

The comparison of fuel consumption rates of different outboards models are listed as following

Diesel Outboard Engine Gasoline Outboard Engine
5HP 1.1L/hr 3 L/hr
7HP 1.5L/hr 4.5 L/hr
10HP 2.0L/hr 5 L/hr
9.8HP About 2L/ hr 5.5 L/hr
15HP 8 L/hr
18HP 9 L/h

Therefore, if we use GHD_5 and GHS.8HP and 15-18HP 2 stroke gasoline
outboard engines, that can save fuel resources up to 4L/ hr and 7L/hr respectively.

Assuming that the engine will be running 8 hrs per day, 200 days per year and the prices of gasoline and diesel are the same as 1 AUD/L, GHD4 can save up to 6400 AUD whilst GHD6 will save up to 11200 AUD on fuel expenditure each year.

3. Large Carrying Capacity and Torque Response

The extraordinary carrying capacity and torque response of diesel outboard engine is particularly suitable for the use in ocean fishing.